Doug Poole

Security Enforcement Commander  |  Email 

Poole has had a career in law enforcement for over 32 years.  He started his career at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office in 1984.


Poole has worked in numerous departments including Enforcement, Investigations, Narcotics, and Corrections.  Poole also served as Captain over Patrol and Investigations at separate times during his career.


Throughout his law enforcement career, he has attended many law enforcement related schools and seminars.He is a graduate of the 244th Session FBI National Academy.



School Resource Officer Program

The School Resource Officer Program is a proactive, innovative, problem-solving approach to assist in reducing crime by assigning specially trained certified law enforcement officer to each junior and high school in the parish. This program began with the assistance of a federal grant that allowed the Sheriff's Office to work with the school system on the implementation. The grant funding expired in 2005 and in now funded jointly between the school board and the sheriff's office. The program follows a national trend to responding to the increase of violence on school campus to not only students but to school administration. The goal is to offer a safe environment so students can obtain an education without the fear of violence.  

The SRO program is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of a law enforcement officer within the educational environment. The officer's role is more than being a very active high profile law enforcement officer and includes being a resource for students, parents, teachers, and administration regarding law related issues.  

While the primary duty is to reduce crime and violence in the schools, SRO's often find themselves teaching classes, counseling students, and being a mentor to students at school. Besides working with individual students, SRO's also assist in community policing in the area surrounding the school. Some examples of community policing problem solving involve traffic issues, noise complaints, drug sales, and safety in nearby parks and business areas. 

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office has twenty-eight school resource officers covering twenty-five schools in the parish. The officers are assigned to a school to be a direct link between the school and any issue that may need the assistance of law enforcement.  

If you have questions about the program or have any issues you wish to address about a specific issue at school, you can e-mail Your question will be given to the officer assigned to the school and a response sent to you.


For additional information contact

Lt. Mike Walker

Program Supervisor

(337) 491-3848

Airport Security

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office currently provides a secure environment for the Lake Charles Regional Airport around the clock.  This division is staffed by five (5) Louisiana P.O.S.T. certified deputies. 

Their responsibilities include but are not limited to providing a security presence at boarding gates as well as exit gates, patrol the airport perimeter and grounds, monitoring the numerous surveillance cameras throughout the facility, along with responding to any emergency should one arise.

Often, these deputies are the first representative of Calcasieu Parish observed by incoming travelers.  Therefore, it is important that they conduct themselves in a courteous yet professional manner.

Along with the basic training, several of the deputies assigned are also Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) certified, which provides training to deal with parties experiencing mental episodes.

Junior Deputy Program

The Junior Deputy Program is held throughout the parish for students ranging from ages 10 - 11. This program is scheduled annually at three different periods during the year. Each session in nine weeks in length and is held in various locations.


The program has been developed to provide general information as it pertains to law enforcement and other local government agencies. Several field trips are provided during the program and allow the participant the opportunity to get first hand information. One of the field trips involves a tour of our jail facilities, to see incarceration in an entirely different manner.


Two weeks of the class is devoted to the Hunters Education program and for each participant 10 (ten) years of age and over will receive a certificate for their hunting license.


Approximately 100 cadets attend each program.


Deputies go to each school to give the children information about the program.

For more information

Youth Division 


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School Crossing Guards

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office School Crossing Guards ensure our children who walk to school get to and from school safely. These guards are assigned to schools in the morning and afternoon when children are arriving and departing the schools. The crossing guard has a primary duty of safely assisting students in crossing streets. This is done by traffic direction or diversion.


The school crossing guards receive special training.  Annual in-service training is also used for updates on safety issues.


Basic requirements for school crossing guards:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Physically able to stand for extended periods
  •  Physically able to use good arm movements for traffic direction
  • Able to work in all types of weather

For more information contact:

Lt. Gale Laurents



D.a.r.e. Program

The D.A.R.E. Program is taught in the elementary (5th grade) and middle school (7th grade) throughout the parish. The new D.A.R.E. curriculum was implemented in 2004 and currently all schools are receiving the new curriculum.


The program is designed to teach young people a decision making model that will result in skills to assist them in making informed decisions when it relates to resisting drugs and violence. This decision making model can also be utilized in everyday decisions by our youth.


Each year, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office D.A.R.E. Program reaches approximately 1,500 5th grade students and 1,000 middle school students.

Each 5th grade student that meets the requirements will participate in a D.A.R.E. culmination.

Elderly Services

Involved in the daily lives and social functions of the older citizens in our community. Deputies are strictly involved with the retired and more mature victims of crime. Provides preventive services to help eliminate some fears of older citizens 

Current projects include: 


Partnership between AARP, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney's Office and the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury to work together in the reduction of crime, victimization to senior citizens and to reduce the fear of crime among the elderly. For more information call TRIAD at 337-494-1728.


Designed to assist seniors that have been victims of crime deal with the aftermath of victimization. This assistance could be in the form of advocacy for services our community offers seniors limited monetary assistance when finances have been totally removed, due to a crime or providing a personal contact with the Sheriff's Office to assist a senior with specific needs. 


This is an annual event designed especially for our seniors to offer a day full of fun and education. Special speakers are invited to discuss issues that are of importance to our area seniors. 

For more information:


Bailiffs & Courtroom Security

The Civil Division also encompasses Court Security and Bailiffs. There are twenty-four (24) court security deputies and nine (9) bailiffs. The purpose of court security deputies is to maintain the appropriate levels of security and communication necessary to protect the integrity of court procedures, sustain the rights of individuals before the court, deter those who would take violent action against the court or participants thereof, and sustain the dignity of the court. They also give direction in the daily operations of court security and provide the necessary response in the event of an emergency.

The bailiffs attend all sessions of the court and, under the direction of the court, open and close each court session. They maintain order and decorum in the courtroom and perform other duties as assigned by law or the court. The bailiffs, when requested to do so, also call all witnesses in the building whose testimony is desired by the court or a party to the proceedings.

When entering the courts everyone is required to go through the security screening process.  There are no knives, guns, pepper spray, weapons or cell phones allowed in Family or Criminal Court. 

Human Resources

Recruits, processes, and assimilates quality personnel into the workforce of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.

  • Responsible for development, revision, and interpretation of policies and procedures relating to personnel.
  • Establishes and interprets policies and procedures regarding benefits, working conditions, legal mandates, and interdepartmental movement of employees.
  • Coordinates the Employee Assistance Program and the Employee Drug Testing Program.
  • Coordinates work related to unemployment claims.
  • Provides training regarding personnel issues to all employees.

Tax Collection

  • Responsible for collecting property taxes, 14th Judicial District Court fines, and 14th Judicial District traffic fines
  • Monthly collections are balanced and disbursed to the receiving agency with separate bank accounts balanced and maintained for each fund
  • Louisiana state hunting and fishing licenses are sold through Tax Collection, and the bank account for all sub-stations hunting and fishing sales are also maintained in the Tax
  • All policies and procedures adhere to the stipulations stated by Louisiana statutes