Mike Fusilier

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Fusilier began his career at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office in 1992. He worked in numerous departments including Enforcement and Investigations. Fusilier also served as a lieutenant over Narcotics. In 2005 Fusilier was promoted to Captain and later Director over Fleet Operations.


Throughout his law enforcement career, he has attended numerous training and courses in investigations, narcotics, and fleet management. Fusilier is a graduate of the Calcasieu Parish Regional Law Enforcement Academy and a recipient of the FBI-LEEDA Leadership Trilogy Award. Prior to his career in law enforcement Fusilier served in the United States Marine Corps during Desert Storm. 

Airport Security

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office currently provides a secure environment for the Lake Charles Regional Airport around the clock.  This division is staffed by five (5) Louisiana P.O.S.T. certified deputies. 


Their responsibilities include but are not limited to providing a security presence at boarding gates as well as exit gates, patrol the airport perimeter and grounds, monitoring the numerous surveillance cameras throughout the facility, along with responding to any emergency should one arise.


Often, these deputies are the first representative of Calcasieu Parish observed by incoming travelers.  Therefore, it is important that they conduct themselves in a courteous yet professional manner.


Along with the basic training, several of the deputies assigned are also Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) certified, which provides training to deal with parties experiencing mental episodes.

Funeral Escorts

The Funeral Escort Division provides escorts for all funerals in Calcasieu Parish in marked Sheriff's Office cars. This division consists of eight full-time deputies.

School Crossing Guards

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office School Crossing Guards ensure our children who walk to school get to and from school safely. These guards are assigned to schools in the morning and afternoon when children are arriving and departing the schools. The crossing guard has a primary duty of safely assisting students in crossing streets. This is done by traffic direction or diversion.


The school crossing guards receive special training.  Annual in-service training is also used for updates on safety issues.


Basic requirements for school crossing guards:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Physically able to stand for extended periods
  •  Physically able to use good arm movements for traffic direction
  • Able to work in all types of weather

For more information contact:

Lt. Gale Laurents



Bailiffs & Courtroom Security

The Civil Division also encompasses Court Security and Bailiffs. There are twenty-four (24) court security deputies and nine (9) bailiffs. The purpose of court security deputies is to maintain the appropriate levels of security and communication necessary to protect the integrity of court procedures, sustain the rights of individuals before the court, deter those who would take violent action against the court or participants thereof, and sustain the dignity of the court. They also give direction in the daily operations of court security and provide the necessary response in the event of an emergency.

The bailiffs attend all sessions of the court and, under the direction of the court, open and close each court session. They maintain order and decorum in the courtroom and perform other duties as assigned by law or the court. The bailiffs, when requested to do so, also call all witnesses in the building whose testimony is desired by the court or a party to the proceedings.

When entering the courts everyone is required to go through the security screening process.  There are no knives, guns, pepper spray, weapons or cell phones allowed in Family or Criminal Court.