James McGee

Enforcement Commander  |  Email

McGee was employed as a Patrol Shift Lieutenant and Commander of the Special Operations Group at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office. He has been employed at CPSO for 15 years, working in many areas of the department, and has a strong background in patrol and special operations.

He has attended several law enforcement training courses with an emphasis on police supervision, special operations training, and defensive tactics instruction.  He is a graduate of the 236th Session FBI National Academy.


There are over 150 Deputies assigned. The patrol unit is divided into four shifts:

Lt. Craig Guillory


Lt. John Reddin


Lt. Lance Melendy


Lt. Jason Johnson


The enforcement division is responsible for basic law enforcement operations. They enforce the law, protect property and life, and keep peace within Calcasieu Parish.


Each patrol shift has trained traffic investigators. They investigate all traffic accidents on parish roads (including fatal accidents). They enforce the traffic laws on parish roads, state highways, and city streets. They have one hit and run investigator and five accident reconstruction investigators.


They also have three motorcycles that are used for traffic enforcement and escorts.


Each patrol shift has one K-9 unit that is trained in narcotics detection and tracking. 

K-9 Department

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office has long since relied on the use of canines for many different functions. Not until recently has the K-9 department taken on a more pro-active approach to the use of our canine friends.


The Sheriff's Office currently has a training manager who is responsible for maintaining training, certification, and the overall well being of the animals. The training manger coordinates the training for all of the Sheriff's canines, as well as, the agencies attached to the Combined Anti-Drug (CAT)Task Force. The K-9 teams train on a weekly basis in order to stay conditioned for the tasks they perform on the streets and on-duty.


The Sheriff's Office currently employs one K-9 on each patrol shift, two K-9 teams assigned to the CAT Task Force, two tracking dogs and one almost always used in the correctional centers to search for contraband. The continuous training is proven by the constant grooming of new dogs to take over for the older dogs, which are moving into retirement.


The K-9 Division is utilized in several different areas such as, building searches, bomb threats, drug detection, and the ever-popular school demonstrations.


One of the most enjoyable tasks of K-9 teams is the local demonstrations. Kids and adults of all ages enjoy learning how useful and important the dogs are to law enforcement across the country and around the world.


CPSO Honor Guard

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Honor Guard is a part-time unit and is comprised of fourteen (14) members. It is under the direction of the enforcement commander and has a team leader, Sgt. John Reddin. The Honor Guard is activated any time a current or retired deputy is deceased. The type of honor that is showed is dictated by the cause of death.

This Honor Guard is recognized as one the premier Honor Guard's in the state. The members are hand picked by the Sheriff and have to meet strict physical requirements and must be proportionate to the rest of the team. They train four days a month outdoors in the elements. There is no such thing as a rainout. This is required because they may be asked to perform in any type of weather.

Besides funerals, the Honor Guard has been invited to "present colors" at several events and civic organizations.


  • Answers incoming calls from the public
  • Receives 911 calls
  • Handles routine air traffic from field patrol units
  • Maintains accurate patrol transmission logs
  • Dispatches calls
  • Operates NCIC
  • Notifies and logs ambulances and wreckers for patrol officers
  • Assists internal departments with daily necessities and investigations