Narcotics Department



The Drug Enforcement Department of the Sheriff's Office is the largest member agency in the C.A.T. Task Force. All of the local law enforcement agencies within Calcasieu Parish have combined resources and work together to fight the war on drugs.


The task force is divided up into three teams. The first team conducts undercover operations throughout Calcasieu Parish. The team utilizes paid assets who set up undercover narcotics purchases with known drug offenders.


The second team conducts knock and talk investigations. These investigations stem from information received from various sources. Information may come from the public, other agencies, and from people who have been arrested.


The third team targets those individuals and organizations moving quantities of narcotics and currency through Calcasieu Parish, via interstate, airport, bus terminal, etc. Narcotic sniffing dogs are a great tool which is used in detecting the presence of illegal narcotics as well as currency used in the illicit drug trade.


The personnel assigned to the drug enforcement efforts of the Sheriff's Office work around the clock in an effort to minimize the drug trade in Calcasieu Parish.


To report drug activity you may call the C.A.T. Task Force at 431-8001. You do not have to give your name.

Vice Department

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Vice Department is a group of specialized Detectives with training in both overt and covert operations. The department handles cases involving organized crime, prostitution, gambling, child pornography, internet pornography, prescription fraud, unlawful sales of tobacco and alcohol, and misrepresentation of age.

The vice department works very closely with local pharmacies and physicians to combat the ongoing problem with narcotic prescriptions.

The vice department works daily with the Louisiana State Police and I.C.E. (Immigrations & Custom Enforcement) regarding investigations involving internet child pornography.

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