Lake Charles, LA –


Sheriff Tony Mancuso is warning area residents of a scam that has surfaced in our area. 


Victims report receiving unsolicited emails or texts from an unknown number that appears to be from a legitimate source such as a major retailer, bank, or local school club fundraiser.  These scammers attempt to trick you into giving them your personal information, such as passwords, account numbers, or social security numbers.


Here are a few examples of messages scammers use in an attempt to get your attention:

·         A bank saying they’ve noticed suspicious activity or log-in attempts

·         An invoice you don’t recognize

·         A local fundraiser soliciting a donation


What can you do if you suspect a phishing attack? 

·         Ask yourself, do I have an account with this company or personally know the individual who contacted me?

o   No: It is likely a phishing scam, delete the text/email and report it as spam

o   Yes: Contact the company or person directly, with a phone number you know to be real.  Do not use the attachment or link sent to you until the information has been verified. 


“Anyone can fall victim to a financial predator,” stated Sheriff Tony Mancuso.  “These criminals use any means possible to target individuals.  When you are in doubt it is always best to verify the legitimacy of the request you are receiving.  Do not be afraid to call your local law enforcement for advice before acting on a request.”


If anyone believes they may have been victimized by these scammers, please contact the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office at 491-3605.