Pictured is Detective Jerod Abshire and Tara McLeese, Resident Agent in Charge of the United States Secret Service in Baton Rouge

Lake Charles, LA –


Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Digital Forensics Detective Jerod Abshire was recognized as one of the “Top Forensic Examiners” throughout the United States by the National Computer Forensic Institute (NCFI) for the second time since 2021.   


Detective Abshire was awarded after being ranked 21st  out of approximately 1,500 forensic examiners in the nation for his productivity of digital forensic exams. Digital forensic exams are used in all types of investigations, to include violent crimes, crimes against people, and financial crimes.    


The NCFI, which is operated by a partnership between the United States Secret Service and the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services, is a federally funded training center dedicated to training, educating, and equipping state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges on cyber and electronic crimes and related threats.  The NCFI opened in 2008 and provides the nation’s premier law enforcement training on conducting cyber and electronic crime and related threat investigations; computer and mobile device forensic examinations; and network intrusion incidents. In addition, the NCFI provides its students with the necessary computer equipment, hardware, software, manuals, and tools free of charge.