Lake Charles –


According to Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso, the Calcasieu Parish Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy completed its 125th Basic Academy with 41 officers representing 11 agencies in the area.  These officers completed 509 hours of instruction in all phases of basic law enforcement.  All 41 law enforcement officers passed the Louisiana Peace Officer Standard Testing (POST) exam and are now certified as Basic Peace Officers.  Due to COVID-19 the graduating officers were unable to have a traditional graduation; but earlier today they had a small ceremony at the Calcasieu Parish Regional Training Academy.    

Brendan McGroarty, McNeese State University Police Department, was selected class president of the 125th Basic Academy.

Scholastic awards were presented to:

Brendan McGroarty, first; McNeese State University Police Department

Jamie Williams, second; Probation & Parole

Madolyne Miller, third; Iowa Police Department

Firearms awards were presented to:

Hunter Gueringer, first; Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office

Jarad Doyle, second; Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office

Reginald Philson, third; Oakdale Police Department

Defensive Tactics Honor was presented to Brendan McGroarty, McNeese State University Police Department.

               Physical Training Honor was presented to Lauren Matte, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Officers graduating after completing 509 hours of instruction are as follows:

                        Jose Avila, Jarad Doyle, Wesley Travis  – Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office

                        Dalton Barron, Anthony Brown, Hunter Burns, Mackenzie Carrier, Lia Chavis, Conner Coleman, Dylan Davis, Emily Doucet, Henry Gatewood, Hunter Gueringer, Brennan Hoover, Scott LaCaze, Gregory LaCour, Andrew LaRocca, Lauren Matte, Alexis Nolen, Daltin Nugent, Justin Orlando, Dalten Stains, Chad Williams, William Young  - Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office

                        Tristan Guidry, Nicholas Victorian – Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Department

Madolyne Miller – Iowa Police Department

Kate Boudreaux, Chance Broussard, Tony Clement, Tylynn Parsons – Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office

                        Keeton Bills – Lake Charles City Police Department

                        Brendan McGroarty – McNeese State University Police Department

Kevin Johnson, Reginald Philson– Oakdale Police Department

Dalvin Dentley – Oberlin Police Department

Jo Ann Cross, Jamie Williams – Probation & Parole

Rachel Richard – Sulphur Police Department

              Brady LaPoint and Christian Livingston, Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office, graduated after completing 140 hours of refresher courses.


The Calcasieu Parish Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy is located in Lake Charles and provides accredited training, several law enforcement agencies in the parishes of Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jeff Davis.  It was established in 1974 and is administered by Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso.