Lake Charles, LA –


On August 21 Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives received a complaint in reference to possible child abuse.


During the initial investigation detectives learned a 5 year old girl arrived at school with what appeared to be a belt mark across her face.  When detectives spoke with the girl she stated her mother, Krystal A. Simpson, 36, Lake Charles, had whipped her on numerous occasions.  Detectives observed the victim’s legs and back, which contained old and new bruising.  Detectives spoke with Simpson who confirmed she whipped the girl but stated it was only on the butt.  Simpson also told detectives she did not cause all the markings on the victim but that the child self-harmed.  After further investigation detectives learned Simpson had been neglectful in her care for the victim since her birth.  Detectives also learned at one point the Department of Child and Family Services placed the girl in foster care but was later placed back in the care of Simpson. 


On October 2 Judge Michael Canaday signed a warrant in the amount of $250,000 for Simpson’s arrest.  Simpson was located the following day and arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with cruelty to juveniles; and 2nd degree cruelty to juveniles. 


CPSO Detective James Jones is the lead investigator on this case.


The child was placed with family members.



Note: This is an old mugshot of Simpson.  We do not have a current mugshot at this time.