Lake Charles –


In the last few days, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office have investigated several incidents where threats, either verbally or through social media posts, have been made at local schools around the parish.  At no time were any students in danger from these threats.  None of these cases necessitated a lockdown of the school, nor was there any cause for public alarm.


As of today, a 15 year old student from Sam Houston High School has been arrested.  She has been charged with terrorizing.   A warrant for terrorizing has been issued for a 13 year old boy at Vinton Middle School.  The investigations are continuing and if arrests are made, the Sheriff’s Office will release the name of the school at that time.


The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Calcasieu Parish School Board are monitoring all social media sites for further threats.  Sheriff Tony Mancuso and the Calcasieu Parish Superintendent of Schools are in constant communication and both have instituted a zero tolerance approach for any type of threat regarding any school in Calcasieu Parish.  Every threat will be investigated and arrests will be made when warranted.


“If you have not done so already, please talk to your children and explain the seriousness of making threats,” urges Sheriff Mancuso.  “Everyone is on high alert due to the past school shootings around the country.  This is no joking matter and students need to know they will be arrested if they make threats toward a school.  I encourage anyone, whether it be a student, teacher, school personnel or parents to report any threats you hear about or read about on social media.  The safety of our children is always our top priority.”