Lake Charles –


Earlier this afternoon at approximately 1:45 p.m. the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Safe School Deputy at Barbe High School received information from school officials in reference to a student that may be in possession of a firearm. 


The CPSO deputy along with the school’s administrators questioned the 15 year old boy and learned he was in possession of a firearm.  During the preliminary investigation it was learned the firearm the student possessed belonged to a CPSO deputy, who is a family member of the student, and had been taken without the deputy’s knowledge.


“We work hand in hand with the Calcasieu Parish School Board on a daily basis to ensure our students’ safety which is our ultimate goal,” stated Calcasieu Sheriff Tony Mancuso.  “I want to applaud the student who reported the possibility of a gun being on campus.  As hard as it may seem to a student to turn in another student, it is imperative, and it is your responsibility, for the safety of everyone at the school.  If you see something, say something.”


The juvenile was arrested and CPSO is conducting an internal investigation in reference to the firearm.