On Monday, September 18 between the hours of 7:30 - 11:30 p.m. the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office received two complaints, one on Dietrich Loop and one on Toulouse Drive, both in Lake Charles, in reference to students from a local high school causing damage to the residences.


During the investigation it was learned that 8 students were responsible for breaking a basketball goal and spray painting vulgar graffiti on the driveway and garage door at the home on Dietrich Loop.  Detectives learned 9 students responsible for spray painting vulgar graffiti on the grass and driveway, as well as, using a paintball gun on the residence on Toulouse Drive.  The students also threw toilet paper and eggs on both of the homes, and the home on Toulouse Drive had flour and food condiments thrown all over the outside of the residence and the yard.


Two students are being charged with simple criminal property damage; criminal mischief; and criminal trespass.  The other 15 students are being charged with criminal mischief; and criminal trespass. All 17 students were all issued citations and released. 


“These are high school homecoming pranks that were taken too far,” stated Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso.  “These acts of reckless conduct and vandalism, when the students go out of their way to destroy and vandalize property, will not be tolerated. “


“While destroying someone else’s property is very disconcerting, another major concern to me as a parent is for the safety of the students.  A student could accidentally be shot by homeowner mistaking them for a burglar.  This is an avoidable tragedy and we’re so fortunate it has not happened yet,” says Sheriff Mancuso.


“With more homecomings coming up around the parish in the next few weeks, I urge students not to resort to vandalism and I urge parents not to condone this type of behavior.  Our deputies spent several days and countless overtime hours to solve these two cases and we will do the same if it happens again,” says Sheriff Mancuso.


CPSO Detectives Sgt. Bobby Shortridge and Sgt. Melanie Veillon are the lead investigators on these cases, being assisted by CPSO detectives Sgt. Mitch Taylor, Sgt. Cody Soileau, and Sr. Sgt. Cory Maddox.