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On January 12 the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Detectives Division received a complaint in reference to cruelty to the infirmed. Detectives were informed that Austin L. Dailey, 22, Moss Bluff, had been physically abusing an 82 year old family member since November. During the investigation detectives were told that Dailey would push the elderly family member against the wall. The victim also advised detectives that Dailey would demand money almost every day and threatened to burn the house down with him in it if the money was not given to him. While at the home, detectives observed numerous holes in the walls, which the victim stated were due to Dailey getting mad and hitting the wall if he was not given any money.


On April 19 after further investigation, Judge Michael Canaday signed a $250,000 warrant for Dailey’s arrest. On April 28 Dailey, who was already incarcerated at the Calcasieu Sheriff’s Prison on a probation violation stemming from a previous case against the same elderly family member, was charged with cruelty to the infirmed; and exploitation of the infirmed.


CPSO has arrested Dailey numerous times since 2012 for charges including domestic abuse battery; cruelty to the infirmed; exploitation of the infirmed; sexual battery; and simple battery - against the same elderly family member.


CPSO Detective Lt. Michael Primeaux is the lead investigator on this case.


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