Crime Stoppers CPSO 103

On November 17, it was learned that a skimming device was placed on an ATM machine at a local bank in Iowa. Surveillance video shows an unknown subject place the skimmer on the ATM on October 31 for several hours.


Approximately 75 cards were compromised, totaling a loss of $21,000.


If anyone has any information call Crime Stoppers at 439-2222. For Crime Stoppers I am Assistant Chief Deputy Buba Mayeaux.

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    Keisha Thomas (Thursday, 19 April 2018 09:44)

    It was Ricky watts he lives on deesport st. Lake Charles la he does credit card fraud by getting people credit card info putting skimming devices on banks taking people income taxes off there cards. Take unemployment off of cards anything he can get off cards tapping into the database of credit cards. He been wanted for along time but they never caught him cause they could not ever get a good look at his face he goes all after stealing cards and putting up skimming devices.

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    Tammy davis (Wednesday, 20 June 2018 16:11)

    Ricky Watts Demetrius green Rodrick Turner Amy hilabrent Alisha hilabrent Clara drexler Jerald Watts and others at 1041 deesport st.lake Charles la they were the ones put up the skimming devices and took the money . They also was involved in a shooting down deesport street they got into it with some guys across the street a the apartments they had got in a dispute earlier that day and later on that night Ricky Watts and the rest of the people I name as well as others live in the home began shooting at the guys in the apartments when the police was called they hid the guns till the police left and went back and got them Ricky Watts is a convicted felony and is on probation at probation and parole in lake Charles on a felony parole and the other in the house in the home have warrants and running from law enforcement and are missing in the how Demetrius green has 15 warrents 4 felony in orange county for gun charges warrents in St Mary any other places. There doing nothing but illegal activity out 1041 deesport St. Lake Charles la