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On November 17, it was learned that a skimming device was placed on an ATM machine at a local bank in Iowa. Surveillance video shows an unknown subject place the skimmer on the ATM on October 31 for several hours.


Approximately 75 cards were compromised, totaling a loss of $21,000.


If anyone has any information call Crime Stoppers at 439-2222. For Crime Stoppers I am Assistant Chief Deputy Buba Mayeaux.

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    Keisha Thomas (Thursday, 19 April 2018 09:44)

    It was Ricky watts he lives on deesport st. Lake Charles la he does credit card fraud by getting people credit card info putting skimming devices on banks taking people income taxes off there cards. Take unemployment off of cards anything he can get off cards tapping into the database of credit cards. He been wanted for along time but they never caught him cause they could not ever get a good look at his face he goes all after stealing cards and putting up skimming devices.

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    Tammy davis (Wednesday, 20 June 2018 16:11)

    Ricky Watts Demetrius green Rodrick Turner Amy hilabrent Alisha hilabrent Clara drexler Jerald Watts and others at 1041 deesport st.lake Charles la they were the ones put up the skimming devices and took the money . They also was involved in a shooting down deesport street they got into it with some guys across the street a the apartments they had got in a dispute earlier that day and later on that night Ricky Watts and the rest of the people I name as well as others live in the home began shooting at the guys in the apartments when the police was called they hid the guns till the police left and went back and got them Ricky Watts is a convicted felony and is on probation at probation and parole in lake Charles on a felony parole and the other in the house in the home have warrants and running from law enforcement and are missing in the how Demetrius green has 15 warrents 4 felony in orange county for gun charges warrents in St Mary any other places. There doing nothing but illegal activity out 1041 deesport St. Lake Charles la

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    Kim smith (Monday, 16 July 2018 13:28)

    I have information leading to the arrest of people staying in the apartments 1041 deesport St apt b lake Charles la 70601 They are selling herion meth coke and there cooking coke and selling crack they guy that live there are gay and or messing with minor kids in the home every body there are convicted felony and on the run from the police they doing income tax fraud FEMA fraud using company information on to get money illegal they have computers and phones and tablets where they watch people in there home nude and damand money for drugs. They police have went to there times this past weekend if y'all can get there asap y'all can catch them. Ricky watts on probation and parole in lake Charles 3374912388 ext. 125 Rick Cole Demetrius Green has 15 warrents and they got in in the home Clara Drexler Alice Bertrain and others in the home they even have a math lab and have sex with minor kids father of the kids Will take them is mom go to jail she selling her kids for crack

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    Trisha Mingo (Friday, 20 July 2018 01:17)

    1041 Deesport st. Lake Charles. Still having problems with Ricky Watts Clara Drexler Carl Allen jr. Alicia Bertrand. These people I've report there still my off of my credit card and other credit cards. They go in pos system for my business take the off the cards so it can signature purchase . They do much from me and family the stole we'd. Off our card and when in system after and send denied to you. Ricky Watts is the ring leader is getting all kind stuff in my business name tee bees call center and tee bee cleaning service. He have car in my name and all kinds other they made my credit bad I reported it every time I order something they cancel it and get the money they stole so much money they said for drugs.i had to move Lafayette because Ricky Watts and these was coming down with guns to kill me and o seen them get out a fam I go in my back yard I ran across to my neighbors and they called the police. Ricky and these been stalking me for seven or eight months the have all my business stuff they ordered in there home computers and every run serial numbers the reason that they s
    Did not kill I mad to my neighbors before got in my home and they hurry up and left I seen all this people and I'll testify on all of them. They watch my home threw camera apps that's why Ricky Watts and others was not there when y'all went in Ricky home on 07/19/2018 Ricky and these new y'all was on y'all way and they left. Ricky went his the car he have in my name they left Demetrius green in the home to get caught instead of them they been doing this Demetrius green moved up there 6 months ago Ricky Watts and these other put him on drugs so they could get to me and my business they Facebook to to get people they been put up skimming devices at bank and and other atm they use my business to fraud to money of cards paypal here they go into date and still everything for people. They even been robing people with guns they got mad cause Demetrius green would not go with them to kill me. Ricky Watts and other been a lot shooting robbing for drugs.When y'all went into Ricky Watts house who is on felony parole with probation and parole rick Cole 3374912388 ext 125 they left to blam all this on Demetrius green they been doing this and they stay all night robbing killing people for money and drugs Ricky Watts been telling he gonna kill me threw phone calls from unknown he watch me threw web view also I have proof telling I don't y'all can test me I have I eat all day and they giving hiv and they know got I called the heath department to on them . They set Demetrius green I heard say Demetrius you taking these charges and Ricky Watts him hang me and said I'm snitch and said he was gonna tell to get my money my money that took will on card in morning I reported it was stolen and Ricky Watts and these will have in the morning y'all need to still watch 1041 Deesport st. Apt b lake charles la 70601 y'all didn't get the right Ricky Watts and the rest of these set him up they use him to get to me and my business to do fraud . They put him on drugs they said or and Demetrius green told me . He wanted to come home but Ricky needed to put to put the blame on. Now they thank gonna harass me and still talking bout I got to much money on my card they really wanted to kill for money saying they on drugs. Y'all don't need to charge Demetrius green he just was on drugs. If y'all need anymore information call me . If my money is not on my card in morning I will be contacting y'all. Ricky me now from a unknown number him and they saying if o tell or they don't get my money by the am I'm dead so please y'all call and I'll tell if o receive my money. These people is up there run that gun its fun Ricky Watts and others .call me asap I'll testify if y'all need me to y'all need to get these people off the streets asap I've called the police 10 times and probation officer. Ricky Watts even fake call y'all need investige him the irs feds secret service and more is investigating these call them. They to make me lose weight to say I'm on drugs I'm not have business that Ricky trying to steal he didn't want my family to know when I have this money cause was trying kill me and take my ex Demetrius green would so they left him there to go to jail. I know every thing the made me hit a pole in my car with my one year old daughter so they could and Rob but to guys stop and help me before they got there my niece Clara Drexler and she pror charges for guns that's not listed.check all guns they not for Demetrius green Clara Drexler Clara a snitch cause wanted for she tried aids that Ricky taking wait threw and putting it him po.yall call me they up trying steal my money the people putting I can show the fraud they not real i will testify to convict all these people involved they tried to kill my nine kids and my eight I been calling sheriff department. Call me 3373502083