Lake Charles –


On November 2 at approximately 10:30 a.m. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call in reference to a 3 year old boy wearing only a t-shirt in the roadway on Roberts Way in Lake Charles.


Upon arrival deputies were informed the complainant returned the child back to his home. Deputies spoke with Halie R. Prejean, 22, who is the mother of the child, and she denied her child was in the roadway or outside alone. After further investigation Prejean was arrested on November 10 and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with cruelty to a juvenile. Judge Guy Bradberry set her bond at $25,000.


Prejean was previously arrested on October 15 and charged with 2 cts of child desertion after the same 3 year old was found sitting with his blanket in the middle of the roadway at Roberts Way and Eugene Lane. She bonded out on a $10,000 bond on October 29.


The Department of Child & Family Services placed both of Prejean’s children in state custody as a result of Prejean’s second arrest on November 10.


CPSO Detective Michael Primeaux is the lead investigator on this case.


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