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On October 22 at approximately 3:30 p.m. the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Barbe High School Resource Officer responded to a fight that broke out at the bus ramp between two students, one of which is a juvenile and the other is 17 years of age. When the deputy intervened and attempted to stop the fight the juvenile student refused to cooperate with the deputy and tried to evade the officer’s hold. While attempting to maintain control of the student the deputy hit the back of his head on a metal post. After several commands by the deputy to stop resisting, the student was taken to the ground. While the deputy was attempting to handcuff the student a third student, who is also a juvenile, approached the deputy from behind and struck him with a closed fist to the face. The deputy also felt someone kick him in his rib cage.


All three students were escorted to the office and their guardians were notified. The juvenile student who was involved in the initial fight was released to his guardian with charges of disturbing the peace by fighting; and resisting an officer pending. The 17 year old student involved in the initial fight was released to his guardian with the charge of disturbing the peace by fighting pending. The third juvenile was charged with battery on a police officer; interfering with a police officer; and disturbing the peace by fighting.


The deputy was checked out at a local emergency room where it was determined he suffered a mild concussion and bruised ribs. He also had swelling to the left side of his face and soreness and redness around his nose, sustained from the punch.


CPSO Detective Tim Ory is the lead investigator on this case.





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