Billy Chapman

Special Investigations Commander  |  Email

Chapman has been employed at CPSO since 1989. He served as a supervisor on Patrol as well as Lieutenant over the Marine Division.  Chapman formerly served as the Assistant Director and later, Director of the Calcasieu Parish Combined Anti-Drug Task Force.  Most recently, prior to being promoted to Commander, Chapman was Captain over Investigations.  


Chapman has attended numerous specialized law enforcement training schools with focus on leadership and narcotics. He also hold his Merchant Mariner Credential through the United States Coast Guard.  

Marine Enforcement Unit

 The deputies in the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Marine Division are dedicated to providing the highest standard of law enforcement services to the citizens of Calcasieu Parish, along with visitors, on our waterways.  They patrol more than 325 square miles of waterways in Calcasieu Parish. The #1 goal is public safety on the waterways of Calcasieu Parish.


The marine division receives a number of calls each year ranging in nature from facilitating boater safety classes to the general public, marine regulations questions, requests for help, boating accidents, missing vessels and lost persons, as well as, stolen and suspicious vessels. The deputies assigned to this division are tasked with patrolling our waterways providing search and rescue operations, enforcing boating safety laws, responding to emergency calls, investigating boat thefts, assisting with boating and watercraft accidents, investigating criminal activity and conducting counter-terrorism patrols of our industrial installations, power plants and other high volume maritime assets.  Monitoring our port and critical infrastructure is necessary in securing our homeland security.

To maximize deployment and achieve greater flexibility in personnel, marine deputies utilize a number of diverse vessels and vehicles for marine enforcement patrols.  The fleet currently include several flat bottom aluminum boats, three 24 foot fiberglass bay boats, two air-boats and one 38 foot Catamaran boat. These vessels greatly enhance the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office's ability to enforce local, state, and federal laws.

Most of the deputies assigned to this division maintain various dive certifications.  They conduct numerous dive operations year round.  These operations range from black water training dives to underwater recovery of drowning victims and/or forensic evidence.  These divers also utilize some of the most current sonar technology available while conducting these operations.

Complete this form before boating and leave it with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the Sheriff Department or Coast Guard or other rescue organization in case you do not return as scheduled.  Do not try to file this form with the Coast Guard, they do not accept float plans. 

A word of caution: In case you are delayed, and it is not an emergency, inform those with your float plan, the police and/or Coast Guard of your delay in order to avoid an unnecessary search.

Narcotics Department



The Drug Enforcement Department of the Sheriff's Office is the largest member agency in the C.A.T. Task Force. All of the local law enforcement agencies within Calcasieu Parish have combined resources and work together to fight the war on drugs.


The task force is divided up into three teams. The first team conducts undercover operations throughout Calcasieu Parish. The team utilizes paid assets who set up undercover narcotics purchases with known drug offenders.


The second team conducts knock and talk investigations. These investigations stem from information received from various sources. Information may come from the public, other agencies, and from people who have been arrested.


The third team targets those individuals and organizations moving quantities of narcotics and currency through Calcasieu Parish, via interstate, airport, bus terminal, etc. Narcotic sniffing dogs are a great tool which is used in detecting the presence of illegal narcotics as well as currency used in the illicit drug trade.


The personnel assigned to the drug enforcement efforts of the Sheriff's Office work around the clock in an effort to minimize the drug trade in Calcasieu Parish.


To report drug activity you may call the C.A.T. Task Force at 431-8001. You do not have to give your name.

Vice Department

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Vice Department is a group of specialized Detectives with training in both overt and covert operations. The department handles cases involving organized crime, prostitution, gambling, child pornography, internet pornography, prescription fraud, unlawful sales of tobacco and alcohol, and misrepresentation of age.

The vice department works very closely with local pharmacies and physicians to combat the ongoing problem with narcotic prescriptions.

The vice department works daily with the Louisiana State Police and I.C.E. (Immigrations & Custom Enforcement) regarding investigations involving internet child pornography.

Vehicle Crimes Investigative Unit (VCIU)

The Vehicle Crimes Investigative Unit (VCIU) is composed of detectives whose primary mission is investigating all crimes involving any type of wheeled vehicles, (ex: cars, trucks, 4-wheelers, farm/commercial vehicles and equipment, trailers, etc.) These detectives are schooled in vehicle recognition, altered VIN's, chopped or torched reconstruction and more. The VCIU also oversee the "bait" car and other covert vehicle operations. The VCIU is a proactive unit that works closely with other investigative departments within the CPSO and outside agencies investigating and deterring these types of crimes.

Bar cards


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Please call the Bar Card office to make an appointment. We are not taking walk-ins at this time.


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Computer Information Services

The Computer Information Services division plays an integral role in support of the Sheriff's Office by identifying opportunities for the agency to improve its effectiveness and productivity through the strategic use of technology. The CIS division provides the computing, telecommunications, and radio communications infrastructure 24 hours a day to support hundreds of desktop and mobile clients.



  • Responsible for the overall coordination of the Sheriff's Office computer system as well as the parish wide Simulcast Radio System.
  • Maintains records and reports generated by the Sheriff's Office
  • Provides technical support for all end-users
  • Responsible for ensuring the efficiency, compatibility, and security of all computer hardware, software, peripherals, and networks
  • Provides service and support not only to criminal investigators but also with administrative investigations
  • Provides quality and control of law enforcement intelligence
  • Deputies of the CPSO CIS team are assigned to and responsible for operating systems in communications, mobile data terminals, enforcement and investigative data systems as well as civil, tax, correctional and evidence data systems


The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office is dedicated to providing the latest cutting edge technologies to increase employee productivity which in turn increases our ability to provide services for the public. The Sheriff is aware of today's needs for technological improvements and has tasked the CIS Division with researching, evaluating, and making formal recommendations in reference to future technological advancements. The CIS Division is committed to providing the best recommendations to continue moving forward as technology continually progresses.