Commendations & Promotions

We are proud of the deputies who work so hard to help make Calcasieu Parish a safe place to live. It is my belief we have one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the state. The men and women of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office are highly skilled professionals committed to their jobs and to the people they serve.

Lt. Joe Tartaglia | April 2021

Congratulations to Deputy Joe Tartaglia, who was recently promoted to Lieutenant. He is pictured below with Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

Captain Mike Walker | April 2021

Congratulations to Deputy Mike Walker, who was recently promoted to Captain. He is pictured  with Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

Lt. Brianni Phelps | April 2021

Congratulations to Deputy Brianni Phelps, who was recently promoted to Lieutenant in the Communications Division. She is pictured with Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

Sr. Cpl. Cameron Hicks | April 2021

Congratulation to Sr. Cpl. Cameron Hicks. He was recognized earlier today by Louisiana Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for his efforts to curb drunk driving. Sr. Cpl. Hicks made over 25 DWI arrests in 2020.


He is pictured with Sheriff Tony Mancuso and Mrs. Barbara Dartez with MADD.

Sgt. Nathan McKee | March 2021

In January, Sgt. Nathan McKee was working off duty security at a local grocery store in Lake Charles when he was approached by a man shortly after the store had closed.


During his conversation with the individual Sgt. McKee learned he was having issues with a prepaid phone that was bought from the store. The man also advised Sgt. McKee the phone was the only way he stayed in contact with his family.


Although the store was closed, Sgt. McKee took it upon himself to go inside and speak with a employee, who allowed the man to go inside and buy another sim card for his phone. Sgt. McKee also paid for the sim card himself, once he learned the only form of payment the individual had could not be accepted at that time.


McKee is shown below being congratulated by Sheriff Tony Mancuso after receiving a Commendation Pin for going above and beyond the call of duty.


Way to go Sgt. McKee!