Commendations & Promotions

We are proud of the deputies who work so hard to help make Calcasieu Parish a safe place to live. It is my belief we have one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the state. The men and women of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office are highly skilled professionals committed to their jobs and to the people they serve.

Cpl. Taylor Plaisance | May 2022

Earlier last month CPSO Cpl. Taylor Plaisance was preparing for a DARE graduation at a local school when he learned there was a fire at a home across the street.  Cpl. Plaisance arrived at the home and observed half of the mobile home engulfed in flames, he also learned there was an individual still inside the home.  Due to Cpl. Plaisance’s quick thinking and heroic actions he was able to locate the individual, in a room fully engulfed in smoke.  With the assistance from several bystanders they were able to pull the individual through the window to safety. 


The fire department arrived on scene and Cpl. Plaisance continued to go above and beyond his call of duty and assisted with extinguishing the fire and turning the power off to the home.


Cpl. Plaisance is pictured with Sheriff Tony Mancuso after receiving a CPSO Challenge Coin for his actions.    

Pastor Jeff Ralston | May 2022

Pictured is Sheriff Tony Mancuso recognizing Pastor Jeff Ralston for his dedication and service to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.  He was given the Service Award during the 2022 Police Memorial Service.  

Deputy James Jones | April 2022

In March CPSO Deputy James Jones was working with the Marine Division and patrolling the waterways near I-10 beach when he observed a man attempting to harm himself on a bank nearby.


Deputy Jones leaped into action and with the help of several other deputies he was able to render assistance to the man, who was later released to emergency medical personnel.


Due to Deputy Jones' observant patrolling and quick thinking he was presented a CPSO Commendation Pin by Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

Sr. Cpls. Bryan Stewart & Aaron Miller | March 2022

Congratulations to CPSO Sr. Cpl. Bryan Stewart / K9 Shadow & Sr. Cpl. Aaron Miller / K9 Storm!


They were awarded the Patrol Case of the Quarter for the South Central Region (Sr. Cpl. Stewart and Shadow were awarded for two quarters) by the National Police Canine Association.


They are pictured with Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

Lt. Aaron Montgomery | February 2022

Congratulations to Deputy Aaron Montgomery, who was recently promoted to Lieutenant and PRO at the Bell City LEC.

He is pictured with Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

Lt. Joshua Donovan | January 2022

Pictured is Sheriff Tony Mancuso congratulating Deputy Joshua Donovan after he was recently promoted to Lieutenant.


Congratulations Lt. Donovan!