Corrections Division


Lake Charles, LA -

The Corrections Division of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office is composed of two facilities: The Calcasieu Correctional Center and Calcasieu Sheriff's Prison of which the Women's Correctional Services building is an annex.

These detention facilities were constructed to provide detention, operations, and related services necessary for the protection of society. They provide incarceration as an appropriate deterrent to the commission of crime, are a method of guidance and treatment for incarcerated offenders, and assists the judicial system with evaluation tools and information for use when sentencing offenders.

The corrections division offers a variety of services to the community, the Criminal Justice System, and offenders. The services provided directly to the community focus on education/information and reparative support. The services provided to the Criminal Justice System are primarily logistical including the housing and supervision of offenders, sentencing options/reports, and intelligence information. The most obvious services we provide offenders are risk management programs; these programs are targeted at criminogenic needs and are designed to reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

In 2009, the Corrections Division admitted over 10,500 prisoners.

Health Services Unit

This office is responsible for management of offender health care delivery systems and administration, as well as, providing leadership as the department begins more intensive health care planning and cost-containment efforts. The Health Services Administrator oversees clinical supervision for medical and dental care, mental health services, and chemical dependency.

Offender Education

This department is responsible for providing quality educational services responsive to the academic, vocational, and social needs of the offender population so as to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities to function as meaningful participants in the community.

Prison Ministry

This department is responsible for ensuring that incarcerated offenders have reasonable opportunities to pursue lawful individual religious beliefs and practices of the religion or faith of their choice. Religious programming is provided consistent with security practices and principles, rehabilitative goals, health and safety, allocation of limited resources, responsibilities, and needs of the correctional facilities. The department also provides counseling and direction to employees of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office and to offenders incarcerated within the correctional facilities.

Work Release

The work release program provides a structured transition period for offenders returning to the community with the intent of better preparing them for a successful, crime-free life. Selection criteria include current and prior criminal behavior, institutional adjustment, and alcohol and chemical dependency history. The program contracts with public and private agencies for residential work release services. Programs provide structured living and close supervision and surveillance.

Records Department

This department is responsible for providing division-wide direction, planning, and coordination of all activities related to offender information management and sentence administration including interpreting and administering sentences, calculation of parish release and expiration dates, and maintaining information on all active cases for offenders incarcerated within the correctional facilities. This department also serves as the liaison between the division and the courts, attorneys, correction agencies, attorneys, law enforcement, and other agencies with regard to admission, release, and sentence administration.

Safety Department

This department is responsible for the management, development, and consistent implementation of safety and health initiatives that improve operational effectiveness and reduce costs for the division. This department directs the safety activities of the division through education, compliance, and injury reduction programs to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for employees, offenders, and visitors. The department serves as liaison with state regulatory agencies and advises department managers on policy matters, cost-saving measures, and system improvements related to safety and health.

Human Resources Department

This department provides consultation and direction concerning interpretation of personnel policies, grievance disputes, current staffing patterns, workforce planning, worker compensation, and labor relations. It provides support to supervisors in recruitment, vacancy filling, and determinations of job classification. In addition, it documents the department's employment actions.

Prison Transportation

The transportation department is responsible for providing the necessary level of security, supervision, and control for offenders who are escorted outside the institution and into the community. Prisoner transport includes escorts to and from hospitals, medical appointments, court appearances, forensic hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities. The transportation department is equipped to accommodate handicapped offenders and has the capability of transporting as many as 85 prisoners at any one time. The transportation department consists of 6 fifteen-passenger vans, 7 seven-passenger vans and 1 two-passenger escort units. All transportation vehicles are professionally marked, regularly serviced and designed for officer, public and prisoner safety.

Women's Correctional Services

Because female offenders represent a growing percentage of the correctional population it became necessary to formulate a gender responsive program similar to that of their male counterparts.